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Basic training

Cleanse Using room temperature water, wash your face twice a day with a quality cleanser. Dilute before use as cleansers are concentrated and can be dehydrating. Drop a pea-sized amount onto your dampened palm; rub your hands together so it lathers. Massage onto your face in circular motions to increase blood flow to the area. Pat dry with a clean towel. Budget buys work well too, so don’t break the bank on this one – just never use soap. It will lead to flaking and dryness. We love Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Scrub.

Tone Use a toner daily to aid natural cell turnover and boost radiance. It allows for better penetration of moisturiser and removes any remaining makeup that could clog your pores. Apply to clean, dry skin using a cotton pad. TRY Johnson’s Healthy Skin 3 in 1 Alcohol-free Toner.

Moisturise Sunblock is a vital anti-ageing weapon, so look for a moisturiser that will protect you against both UVA (which ages skin) and UVB (which burns skin) rays. The vast majority of sun damage comes from incidental exposure to the sun, like sitting in traffic or having coffee outside – regardless of how pale or dark your skin tone is. Using your ring fingers (these have the lightest touch), apply moisturiser in an upward stroking motion from your jawline. Use small circular motions around your eye area, avoiding your eyelids. TRY Ambi Even Tone Cream with SPF.

✱ Clean tools Replace your makeup regularly – using old products makes you vulnerable to skin irritations, no matter how great your skincare routine. Unwashed sponges and dirty brushes all harbour bacteria. Wash your brushes at least once a month with shampoo and wash sponges every two weeks with facewash in order to prolong the life of your favourite skin and eye shades. If you don’t share mascara, you can safely use it for three or four months without risk of infection.

✱ Weekly treat Make time for a home facial at least once a week. Cleanse and then exfoliate to remove dead skin cells, dirt and oil. Pat dry and follow with a hydrating mask containing glycerin if your skin is dry, or a mask containing salicylic acid to reduce shine for oily skin. Apply cucumber slices to your eyes for extra indulgence. Wash off after 20 minutes and moisturise.

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