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We heart Caribbean Tan

Summer is here, which means long lazy sunshiny days in bikinis and miniskirts. Every GLAMOUR girl knows that a sexy tan is the perfect summer accessory, but what to do if you’ve got fair skin that goes from white to red to freckled at first glimpse of the sun? Book yourself a Caribbean Tan, that’s what! Forget sweltering in the sun and risking skin damage – not to mention the Big C. Instead, take 15 minutes out of your busy schedule and get your glow on. Here’s how.

1 Make an appointment. We like Ageless Faces in Cape Town (conveniently situated right next to Cavendish Square so you can shop before you go for your tan).


2 The night before, exfoliate and de-fuzz. And skip the body lotion.


3 On arrival, you’ll be taken to a private room and given a disposable G-string to change into. Feeling a little shy? Don’t – the beauty therapist has seen it all, but if it makes you feel better, bring an old bikini. Just keep in mind it’ll get covered in spray tan, and you’ll leave with tan lines.


4 The therapist will recommend the perfect shade for you. Repeat after us: N A T U R A L. That’s the look you want, and she’ll make sure that’s what you get.


5 Spray time! Applied with a device that looks like a paint gun, the Caribbean Tan only takes a few minutes.


6 A quick blast of air to dry you off and voilà! A hot new, fabulously tanned you!

We really love the all-over glow Caribbean Tan gives – no tan lines or white patches in those hard to reach places. Plus it looks completely natural, so regardless of how pale you were when you arrived at the salon, you won’t leave looking like George Hamilton’s younger sister. Unlike many spray tans, this one smells like coconut; very summery. (And by the way, turns out there’s definite truth to the rumour that tanned flab looks a lot better than white flab. Just saying.)

To make sure your tan sets properly and lasts longer, stay away from water for at least eight hours. (No washing the dishes for you. Win!) Later post-shower, you’ll look and feel fabulous with confidence levels soaring soaring sky-high, and an irresistible urge to strut your stuff. Hello, sexy!

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