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Fabulous feet!

Although we all love a professional pedicure, they can become quite pricey. So why not try a pedicure at home? We’ve got all the steps to get your feet feeling as fabulous as if you’d just stepped out of a five star spa!


Soften skin: filing away any dry bits of skin should be done once a week. Always do this on dry skin. If your skin is wet, it will be too rubbery, and you won’t get too much skin off. File towards the middle of the foot – this is so you don’t create ridges on the edge of your heel. Our tool of choice for seriously hard bits is Revlon Pedi Expert, R150 (only available at selected Clicks) – it’s like a pink cheese grater for your feet. Otherwise you could try Ms Pedicure Smooth Talker 2in1 Foot Smoothing Tool, R75.99 (from Clicks).


Nails: make sure that you always clip and file your toe nails straight across – filing them round could cause ingrown toenails. Nails also need to be kept short, as long nails rubbing against shoes can cause them to lift and yellow (yuk!). It is also important to clean under the nails regularly, as you wouldn’t believe the number of germs you collect under there. Tweezerman Delux Toenail Nippers, R195 (from Dis-Chem) are designed to clip your nails straight; OPI Crystal Nail File, R217 is our favourite glass file; and Ms Pedicure Best in Toe Pedicure set, R99.99 (from Clicks) has everything you need to create the perfect pedi.


Cuticles: the cuticles on the toes tend to be overlooked. But overgrown ones look horrible, and if they get damaged, they form hangnails, which are very painful. As you get out of the shower, gentle push them back using a rubber hoof stick. If you don’t have one, you could also use the edge of a towel. If they are in need of some TLC, use a cuticle softener like Sally Hansen Smooth Cuticles Now Cuticle Remover, R89.95, and push back using a rubber hoof stick – Clicks Beauty Essentials has a great selection.


Maintain and moisture: it’s a good idea to use a foot scrub once a week to keep your skin soft. We love LCN Ognx Inca Inchi Oil Foot Peeling, R340. The harder the skin, the quicker it loses moisture, so once you’ve exfoliated, slather your feet in a rich foot cream or balm. Try Tip Top Feet Heel Balm, R79.99 or Olive de Provence Foot Repair Cream, R26.99. It’s best to do this just before bed so you can pop on some cotton socks, and jump into bed. If your feet are very dry, use a nourishing foot mask like Elixir Refreshing Foot Mask, R150, first.


Protect: now that you’ve put all the effort into getting gorgeous feet, treat then to a splash of colour. Always, always use a base coat. This protects your nails from not only the pigments in polish, but also some of the chemicals in it. Using a top coat will make your polish last much longer. Our best combo is Tip Top’s Toughen Up Maxi Growth Base Coat and Top Coat, R75 each; or if you prefer to use one product, we rate Revlon Multicare Base and Top Coat, R105. It can be such a drag waiting for your polish to dry, so use a quick-dry product to help the process along. Our two favourites are Jessica Quick Dry, R164 and Revlon 60 Seconds Quick Dry Spray, R105. Both of which also leave a beautiful, glossy shine.


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