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Ice cream and wine tasting

Something sweet, something naughty. An indulgent dream, right? That’s why we’re so excited that Clos Malverne wine estate is offering ice-cream and wine pairings, all through Autumn. This season doesn’t have to be spent tucked up inside when you can venture out for a decadent scoop of frozen goodness – and a glass of vino!

The new pairing sensations will be on offer from April until the end of June at this beautiful family-run estate, nestled in the heart of the Devon Valley, just outside Stellenbosch. The ice-cream borders on completely exotic – you may not think that the flavours make sense on paper, but trust us, your taste buds will definitely disagree! Some of the treats on offer include preserved lemon and basil, butternut and pistachio, and dark chocolate chili. The best part of the entire affair is that each wine has been carefully paired with each flavour, to create a taste sensation that really seems to liven the senses.

Ice-cream and wine – a perfect love affair that you definitely don’t have to feel guilty about. Unwinding in the country has never sounded better!

The Clos Malverne Wine and Ice Cream Tastings are available Tuesdays through to Saturdays between 10am and 4pm. Booking is essential, so contact the Clos Malverne Estate on 021 865 2022 or visit

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