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GLAM chat: Inge Beckmann

Inge Beckmann is no stranger to the South African music industry. Rising up as a formidable and incredibly talented songstress, Inge has just released her first album with her new band, Beast. Soon to be heard and seen, Inge has bagged roles in films Road to Freedom and Orlando Bloom-starring Zulu. We caught up with her to find out more…


You’ve just released your first albumSmoke Swig Swear with your new band, Beast. Can you tell us more about the band?

Beast consist of two bassists, a drummer and a vocalist.  Our sound can be described as 70’s rock meets early ’90s Grunge. The content is predominantly of a psychological nature. The members are Rian Zietsman, Louis Nel, Sasha Righini and myself, Inge Beckmann. 
What can we expect from the album?

Eight tracks of pure chaos. Listen for yourself. (free download available from


You’ve released many albums before with Lark, what is the creative process like? Was there something different this time round?

Smoke Swig Swear was recorded live. The process was a lot more raw than Lark’s aesthetic, calculated recording process.


What’s happening with Lark?

We released our 3rd album Gong Is Struck last year. It was very well received and we are all super proud of it considering it was written between London and Cape Town via e-mail and skype. We are on a break at the moment till we get another opportunity to play together as a full band.


What can we expect from you in 2013?

To produce work within all my avenues of expression. Music and Film.  I start filming a historical German Western in March called Road to Freedom. This will be my first period film. I am very excited indeed. 


Can you tell us a bit more about Zulu?

Zulu was such a wonderful opportunity for me. I am very grateful that I got given the chance to play Ruby alongside Orlando Bloom. I learnt a lot from everyone on set. 


How did you get into the music industry?

I worked at The Shack (in Cape Town) in my early twenties and met a lot of musicians as a result. I was mostly focused on my writing at the time. I really wanted to get into musical performance so I slowly got involved in the jazz scene and started out doing gigs at restaurants and corporates with some jazz standards backtracks. I went to a lot of open mic sessions and met most of my musical contemporaries this way. I also did pretty much everything from guesting with other artists on their albums as a back up singer to doing radio jingles. I eventually joined the Spindle Sect as rapper and vocalist. Lark was born through a very serendipitous collaboration with Paul Rez one grey evening.  


Any wise words for those still trying to make it in? 

Make sure you really have what it takes before you lose your soul to the music industry. It is a very unforgiving and tough path.


What’s one thing you can’t live without? 

My mind and good friends. 


What in your handbag?



What makes you feel GLAMOURous?

Wearing something simple but elegant that I can wear and look great in even when I am pre-menstrual and feeling miserable.  


What’s the best fashion advice you ever heard?

Know your shape. 


How do you stay fresh and looking good at festivals?

Drinking lots of water and not eating heavy starchy food. Staying out of the sun and napping in the afternoon. 


How would you describe your personal style?


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