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5 Easy ways to make someone laugh

In the seven years since she burst onto the scene, comedienne and GLAMOUR Women of the Year Anne Hirsch has won SABC’s second season of ‘So You Think You’e Funny?’, written and performed in three one-woman shows and appeared on David Kau’s Blacks Only tour. But it’s as the faux-fawning host of weekly YouTube phenomenon The Anne Hirsch Show (TAHS) that she’s broken new ground, attracting thousands of subscribers and serving up zany interviews with the likes of Arno Carstens and Zolani Mahola in a playful parody of our celebrity-obsessed society.


Here she shares 5 ways to make someone laugh:


1 Slipping on a banana peel.

2 Hitting someone over the head with a pan.

3 Walking into a street pole.

4 Use puns – never forget the comedic power of a good pun.

5 Get them to watch The Anne Hirsch Show on YouTube.


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By Sarah Browning and Megan Ross.

Image by Richard Keppel-Smith

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