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Keira Knightley loves working for Chanel

Keira Knightley makes her way through the Eurostar terminal to a waiting car, having arriving back in England on a train from Paris

Keira Knightley fronts the Coco Mademoiselle adverts and loves working for Chanel since it allows her to dress up as “somebody different”.

The 28-year-old actress fronts the Coco Mademoiselle adverts and enjoys the job because it allows her to experiment with numerous styles.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: “I get to dress up as somebody different. When I’m on the red carpet, it’s, ‘Ooh, who am I going to be tonight?’ And I like that, I think that’s quite fun. A couple of times the archive stuff has been made available to me, though it doesn’t always work because sometimes other people have bagsied the dress.”

Keira wore a Chanel jacket and dungarees for her Coco Mademoiselle campaign and insists she’s a “huge fan” of the denim clothing piece since it reminds her of her childhood fashion choices.

She added: “I love dungarees. I’m a massive fan of them. I wear the dungarees so much that I’ve now got three pairs, because it was getting to the point where I was like, ‘You have to wash them, Keira.’ And I’m really into Doc Martens at the moment. I think I’ve decided to become my eight-year-old self again, because when I was eight that was all that I wore – dungarees and Doc Martens.”

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