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We take the panic out of wedding planning

We take the panic out of wedding planningYou may have been fantasising about your dream day since you were a little girl, but what you probably didn’t think about was all of the logistics that go into planning a wedding. There’s the venue, the guest list, the cake tasting – and that’s not to mention finding the perfect dress! We’re not surprised if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, which is why we asked Angelo Thomas, founder of Shake & Bake Entertainment, for suggestions regarding one of the most important things on your to-do list: booking your wedding entertainment. So sit back, relax and read on.

1 Think about what parts of your day will need sound

In the movies, an organist plays ‘Here comes the bride’ in the church and then there’s a scene cut to a band playing music at the reception and that’s it, but in real life, there’s a lot more to consider: Firstly, there’s the ceremony. What music do you want playing when you and your bridal party walk down the aisle. Will your officiator need a microphone and, similarly, will the two of you need a microphone when exchanging your vows? Will you play another song for your exit out of the church? Next, there’s the meet and greet while you and your bridal party go and have photographs taken. Do you want there to be music for your guests to mingle to or are you happy with no sound? Lastly, there’s the reception. Do you want a band playing or will you have a DJ? Will you need microphones for when your family members and friends are saying their speeches? 

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2 Remember your guest list

You obviously want to hear music that you love, but what about what your guests? Because you’ll have a mixture of ages and tastes at your wedding, make sure that you incorporate songs that will appeal to a wide range of people. If your guests aren’t enjoying themselves, you won’t enjoy yourself.

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3 Understand the flow of your day  

The ceremony is the part of a wedding with the most expectation, as everyone is excited to see the bride make her grand entrance. All it takes is one beautiful processional song to bring tears to people’s eyes and create a memorable moment for you, your partner and your guests. When you and the groom leave to take photographs, it’s important to keep your guests entertained and in good spirits until the reception. If you don’t want to play music, consider some fun options like lawn games or a photo booth to bring people together. Lastly, most couples like to end off the day with a great party, and the key here is the music. Consider a party band, DJ or DJ with an accompanying instrument to create an engaging atmosphere.

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4 Don’t compromise on quality

Take into account the importance of the entertainment when budgeting for your wedding, and don’t skimp on the sound quality. You want your guests to be able to hear the speeches and remember the great time they had on the dance floor – not the sketchy sound and tinny music. This is your day, so why not make it super special?

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