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This little beauty tip could make over your career!

This little beauty tip could makeover your career!Want to boost your confidence, career and social life all at once? All it takes is a smile.  

Several studies have revealed that white teeth have a significant impact on your appearance, making you seem more attractive, confident, likable, and younger too. A white smile helps create the impression that you’re healthy, successful, and take care of yourself, and can even increase your employment potential and help you score a new job as well! 

Believe it or not, your mouth plays a major role in the way you communicate – not only with the words you say but in the visual cues people pick up while you’re talking. If you’re self-conscious about discoloured teeth, you’ll tend to smile less and speak with tight lips, which could lead others to think of you as uptight and unfriendly. However, if your teeth are white, you’re likely to smile more and express yourself more freely. And when you feel confident, you carry yourself well, your posture improves, and you generally seem happier and more glamorous. No doubt about it, a beautiful smile is good for your career and your social life too!

So, how do you make your smile whiter and brighter? That’s where Listerine Advanced White comes in – an innovative product that’s been clinically proven to help give you whiter teeth in just two weeks. Using non-abrasive, polyphosphate technology, it not only helps lift existing stains, but also forms a protective shield to help prevent new stains from developing on the tooth surface. The formulation includes three powerful essential oils to kill germs and combat bad breath, while added fluoride helps to toughen and strengthen teeth too.

Even better, it’s so easy to use! Simply brush your teeth in the morning and evening, swish Listerine Advanced White in your mouth for 60 seconds afterwards, and you’ll soon have the sparkling white smile you need to catapult you to success!  

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