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The women who’ve shaped Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas

He’s one of the world’s most famous Latin heartthrobs, and we were lucky enough to meet the sizzling actor, philanthropist and photographer when he launched his latest fragrance in South Africa. True to his on-screen persona, Antonio wowed us with his charisma, his passion for helping others, and his obvious adoration of women. Find out more about the women who’ve shaped Antonio Banderas into the man we know and love today. 

My mom, Ana Banderas

Her strength and her continuous happiness, even in the worst of circumstances, is inspiring. When things weren’t going well in the family or the country, she would pump up everyone’s spirit. 

My daughter, Stella Banderas

She teaches me a lot about independence and freedom. She is determined to conquer without the help of Papi. 

My wives, especially Melanie Griffith

She is a very important person in my life – a generous woman, lovely, and at the same time vulnerable. Although we are divorced, we still keep in contact and are good friends. I will love her to the end of my days. 

My girlfriend, Nicole Kimpel

Nicole is laid-back and sweet. She’s not an actress – so not neurotic at all. 

Antonio Banderas

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