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Christmas tree brows, anyone?

It’s been a downright weird year for beauty. We thought clown contouring back in 2016 was as crazy as it could go, but this year we’ve seen crown brows, nose hair extensions, wavy eyebrows, and glitter boobs.

Ending the year on a high, Vlogger Taylor (knows as taytay_xx) has created Christmas tree brows and we’re not entirely sure what to do with this information. Glamour HQ is no stranger to a Christmas jumper and a novelty mistletoe hairband (in fact, we embrace it), but baubles dangling off our eyebrows seem a step too far. The look is created by spreading out the eyebrows and fixing with wax, then applying tiny gems and stars. And rocking it with a lot of confidence.

But hey, what’s December without a bit of rule breaking? Chocolate for breakfast, prosecco at lunch, feathery and glittery eyebrows for post-work parties? Pass us the gems.

Taken from GLAMOUR UK. Click here to read the original.

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