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How to stay sane when travelling with your BFF

How to stay sane when travelling with your BFF

So you and your bestie have made plans to travel together, you’ve booked your tickets and now you’re counting down the days – exciting stuff! But amid all your planning, have you given a thought to how you’ll tackle the trip as a twosome? No matter how close you and your BFF are, travelling together can often bring out the worst in people, leading to stress and frustration, and even a strained relationship. Take a look at our tips to friendly travel, and make sure each memory you have of your holiday is a fabulous one.

Who’s paying for what? 

Make sure to discuss beforehand how you’ll be settling costs, specifically when it comes to food, transport and accommodation. Will you take care of food and your friend take care of transport, or will you split each cost down the middle? Having a strategy in place will allow you to take care of all costs seamlessly and help you avoid any resentment down the line. 

Who’s doing what? 

You want to go to the market, your bestie wants to go hiking. Who wins? The best way to decide is by having a discussion beforehand. Make a list of all the activities you’d like to do and all the sights you’d like to see, then take a look at which points appear on both of your lists. Agree which you’ll pair up for and which you’ll do on your own, and you’ll both be happy. 

Who likes what when? 

She’s a night owl, you’re a morning person. You like a quick shower, she hogs the bathroom. You nap in the afternoon, she plays the TV full blast. Just because your routines are dissimilar, doesn’t mean there needs to be cause for argument. Communicate your wants and needs clearly so you can both work around each other’s habits.

Who’s going after what? 

It’s important that you and your friend have a talk about what you each want to get out of your trip. Perhaps you want to lie by the pool drinking cocktails and flirting with cute boys. Maybe she wants to be more adventurous, exploring the local attractions and countryside. Knowing each other’s motivations will allow you to be more understanding, and will ensure you both go home happy and fulfilled. 

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