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Bonang gives us the exclusive on the Grand White Dinner

Grand white dinnerLocal TV personality Bonang Matheba will be hosting one of the country’s premier social calendar events, The Grand White Dinner. The Grand White Dinner celebrates its fifth anniversary this year with each secret location only to be revealed on the morning of the event. Find out everything you need to know about the event here!

What is the Grand White Dinner about?

The dinner is about uniting people through music, food, and entertainment. It’s about seeing people “letting-go” and celebrating the most precious thing one could have: time with the people you love and care about.

How did it start?

When the founder, Stephan Dau, came from Paris 5 years ago, he looked around and realized the gap between people in Cape Town- where he was residing. He was inspired to create a setting where people could come closer and that’s when the idea of The Grand White Dinner came to mind. 

What can people expect from it? 

Firstly they can expect to have the time of their lives! But there will be amazing performances from the likes of Mafikizolo, Bonang will also bring her signature sparkle to the event as the days’ host.

What makes it special compared to other events?

With the secret location only being revealed to ticket holders on the day, it makes the event a little more exciting. Also what makes the event special is that it about bringing friends together, old and new.

Why is it so important to wear all white?

The colour white is symbolic of peace and unity, which The Grand White is deeply passionate about. You may choose how much you want to dress up! Beige pants are OK, shorts are oOK, you don’t need white shoes but a neutral colour would be great. Consider the venues being on grass if you are wearing high heels. Beautiful prizes will be given to best-decorated table and best-dressed male/female and a couple at each event! Please don’t wear black or blue denim jeans.

How did Bonang get involved?

We needed someone who can inspire people to have a good time, someone with a size-of-life personality, and who better than Bonang.

Anything else readers should know about the event?

At 9 am on the morning of the event guests will receive an e-mail, SMS and/or notification on the Grand White Facebook Page. Guests need to ensure they have given their correct mobile number and e-mail address. If they have booked tickets on behalf of family/friends, please share the venue location with them. Guests will receive the address and GPS coordinates of the venue and a map for parking facilities. Follow the Grand White Facebook page for all updates about the event.

To win tickets to the event click here!

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