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Natural hair emoji receives mixed reactions

Natural Hair Emoji

The natural hair emoji is finally about to make its way onto our smartphones, but Twitter has mixed feelings about the new social media icon. Comments ranged from sheer delight, to utter disappointment. One disappointed Tweep said: “This is the Afro emoji we’ve been waiting for?? Haaii Suka! Looks like a grease perm.” Another celebrated the naturalistsa news by saying: “Ayeee we finna get a natural hair emoji.”

We’ve decided that we’ll give our final verdict once the emoji hits our messengers later this year.


Love It: ❤️ 




Hate It: 💔 








Emojipedia are also releasing 150 more icons this year. The new collection of  emoji’s features a red headed icon with different skin tones. Watch the video to see all the emojis that will be released in 2018.



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