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The GLAMOUR team’s first celeb crush revealed!

Find out who the GLAMOUR team’s first celeb crush was here…

Former Editor Pnina Fenster
…Rockstar Jim Morrison. He had long ago ODed in Paris, but there were rumours that he was still alive, and I sought him out. No luck, alas!

Acting Editor and Beauty Director Michelle Brownlee Smith
Richard Dean Anderson, the original MacGyver. I’ve since married an equally inventive man – with a better haircut.

Former Managing Editor Staci Lazarus
Justin Timberlake. I learnt all the dances from the NSYNC videos just to impress him one day.

Contributing Art Director Leanne Botha
I had a Titanic-sized crush on Leonardo DiCaprio.

Former Special Projects and Events Manager Sarah Tuft
… Nineties heartthrob Jonathan Brandis was an absolute belter.

Former Online Editor Danica van der Veen
… Zac Efron was my first real love. I dreamed of the day we’d meet and share a duet.

Managing Editor and Syndication Executive Lesley Mathys
… Bow Wow. My sister and I would argue over who had a bigger crush.

Senior Copy Editor Tumi Moletsane
… Rapper 50 Cent. At one point I had already planned our wedding.

Promotions Assistant Lauren Williams
…was, and will always be, gorgeous in my eyes.

Chace Crawford

Junior Designer Kirsty Jardine
Jason Behr from Roswell. It only lasted three seasons in 2001, but he was a beaut!

Fashion Assistant Tania Durand
… Keanu Reeves in Point Break.

Online Content Producer Meg van Eck
… Jesse McCartney. I was a sucker for those blue eyes and blond hair.

Beauty Assistant Jesé-Ché Lillienfeldt
… Usher. I belted out his songs in front of the mirror after school.

Online Content Producer Tracey-Ché King

… Usher. He was a looker back in the day.

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