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3 Reasons why we can’t get enough of this revitalising perfume

Bulgari Omnia Pink

We all have dreams- those powerful thoughts that express what we believe is the ultimate epitome of bliss. However, it’s only when we are bold enough to realise our strength, that we can unlock the magic within ourselves, which will make our dreams come alive. With Bvlgari’s hypnotic new perfume, Omnia Pink Sapphire, you’ll be moved to do exactly that!

Here are three reasons why we’ll be adding the perfume to our beauty routines:

  1. It boasts invigorating notes.

Blended with exotic blooms from Tahiti and Polynesia, just one whiff of the fragrance will transport you to an enchanting, faraway location. Its top notes include pink pomelo and pink pepper, while its heart notes consist of solar frangipani and wild Tiare flower. Finally, its base notes are comprised of vibrant wood and white musk.

  1. It’s packaged in an elegant bottle.

Inspired by gleaming gemstones, the bottle’s design displays two rings flowing into each other, which resemble the symbol for infinity. Given that, the design embodies the undying and strong sensation of freedom, synonymous with embracing an optimistic outlook on life. Thus, there’s no doubt that the perfume will be a welcome addition to our vanity stations.

  1. It’s endorsed by motivational influencers.

Margaret Zhang, Madison Beer and Amanda Steele are badass young women who are brave enough to kill their inhibitions and face their fears. Thanks to that, they’re the queens of their own empires. Margaret runs a pioneering fashion blog, Madison belts out one electrifying hit after another and Amanda struts her stuff by acting and modelling. What more inspiration do you need to dare to take a chance?

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