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Meet the sculptor whose work honours African womanhood

By celebrating our precious moms on Mother’s Day, we recognise women’s incomparable power and grace. That is precisely what sculptor Jean Doyles aims to do by producing and displaying her striking sculptures. Described by former South African first lady Zanele Mbeki, as “an investigation into the character of women”, her sculptures depict women as accomplished and fearless.

Jean Doyles Mall of Africa

One of Jean’s collections, Mother of Kings, is inspired by the Baganda people, the biggest and most influential ethnic group in Uganda. Symbolising the maternal essence of Africa, the collection yields its name from the potential that every strong woman has, to bear the future king. By doing so, women give rise to rich prospects for the community and are associated with the throne of the Matrilineal Baganda kinship.

Another of Jean’s collections, African Dreamtime, is centred on the theme of undying African femininity. Crafted with materials from the soil, lava, and rock of Africa, the detailed sculptures boast an entrancing character. The figures appear to emerge from the natural material as though they had long existed, yet only recently been discovered.

By partnering with Julie Miller Investment Art Institute, Mall of Africa is offering you the opportunity to admire Jean’s rare masterpieces. Both the Mother of Kings and African Dreamtime collections will be exhibited in the mall’s Crystal Court from 2-13 May.

A selection of gifts curated by Mall of Africa’s personal shopper will also be unveiled, giving you plenty of inspiration for pampering mom this Mother’s Day. To add to that, the mall is filled with a host of eateries where you can devour a palatable meal or decadent dessert, as you relish the stunning outlooks of Town Square.

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