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Street-style approved ways of wearing pink without looking like a princess

Pink Bulgari Omnia Pink Sapphire Streetstyle
Photography: IMaxTree

So many women are very apprehensive when it comes to wearing pink, it can so easily veer into Barbie territory if worn the wrong way.

But did you know that pink is a universally flattering colour if worn in the right shade for your skin tone? With black being the fashion crowd’s go-to colour, the recent emergence and popularity of pink is giving a welcome dose of colour to the streets.

After all, in this day and age who wants to look like the next person? Now is the time to be experimenting with colour; and in this case, that colour is pink!

Wear it head-to-toe, mixing different shades together, or throw it over neutral; the options are endless! We’re particularly fond of the colour when used on interesting fabrics, or when paired with a bold accessory to add a pop of colour to a potentially dull outfit.

Feeling bold? Then go for a shade of pink that’s daring like Bulgari’s Omnia Pink Sapphire fuschia perfume bottle. If you’re shy and playful, you might want to wear a more muted shade of pink, like rose or blush.

Still not sure if this hue is for you? Check out these street-style looks below, and we guarantee you’ll catch the pink fever!

25 Pretty pink street style looks

25 Pretty pink street style looks

wearing Pink

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