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5 Gen Z travel essentials

Every Gen Z-er nowadays, whether you’re a student or already working that 9 to 5 grind, wants to and can find a way to travel. With our Insta feeds filled with exotic destinations and “travel blogging” being a thing now, how could one not want to travel? But there is one thing they can’t seem to master just yet— packing the basics. Gone are the simpler days of the only travel essentials you needed to keep you going was a bag full of clothes, a toothbrush and a hairbrush. Today travelling abroad is a lot more complicated. Packing your bags takes almost as much planning as the actual trip.

Of course, to Gen Z’s, our cell phones are probably the most important things to us, not only when travelling but in everyday life. Am I right? Unfortunately, there are still a couple of essentials that we often forget to pack. For a stress-free holiday, make sure you have these on your travel checklist:

Universal adapter plug

This is a MUST-HAVE when travelling abroad. Power banks need charging as well. Heaven forbid you were left with uncharged electronics, especially if you’re constantly glued to social media! Do your research beforehand to make sure you have the right plugs and you should be good to go.


Every person knows that packing light is very important! No one needs to start off their trips with those pesky fees for overweight luggage. May it be a three-day trip or a weeklong escapade, we should know how to use that space in our luggage wisely. This where sneakers come in handy. Not only are they comfy for the long haul flights but you can wear them with most of your outfits. This saves space and weight in your luggage. Pack a pair of slops and maybe a dress-up shoe for the evenings but other than that sneakers will do for almost everything else.

Hydrating face mask

You will thank us for this one. Trust me. Given the low humidity in the cabin, you have to keep your skin moisturized. You don’t want to be stepping off that plane looking 10 years older.


Travelling anywhere, whether it’s on the plane, the train or on the bus, earphones are a must-have. No one wants to be worrying about the screaming baby in the aisle near you or the annoying passenger asking you SO MANY QUESTIONS. If you’re going on a long-haul flight or bus ride, a travel-ready playlist and your trusty eargear are your sanity pills.

Bluetooth bag tracker

Yes, this is a thing. Technology, I know. The last thing you need is finally arriving at your holiday destination but your bag hasn’t done the same. To avoid this consider investing in a pair of Bluetooth bag trackers. This simple device gives you control over the location of your luggage, even if it isn’t at the same airport you are at.

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