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Get Ariana Grande’s diamond engagement ring without the hefty price tag

Ariana Grande has been spotted wearing a pear-shaped diamond on her left hand. According to reports, the Love Me Harder signer was given the jewels earlier this month by her fiancé, Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson.

The ring is rumoured to be 3 carats with a VVS1 clarity and would cost you nearly R1 500 000 to replicate.  Luckily with the rise of cultured diamonds, you can now recreate this look without the hefty price tag.

Pear-shaped diamond halo ring similar in design to the one Ariana Grande has been spotted wearing

‘’Cultured diamonds are in every way a diamond – in brilliance, beauty and durability” advises Anthony Matthews, founder of Shiny Rock Polished, the African diamond and gemstone specialists based in Cape Town and Johannesburg who have been working with natural and cultured diamonds for over 20 years.

‘’The cultured diamond is grown under laboratory conditions, but should not be confused for crystals, cubic zirconia or moissanite” comments Matthews.  “Cultured diamonds are valued using the same grading system. The only major difference is that one is found underground and the other is not, which affects the price” he continues.

Cultured diamonds are revolutionising the industry in much the same way as cultured pearls did in the late 20th century. When it became clear the world’s great pearl beds had been depleted, cultured pearls provided a solution to a still hungry market. Today, you will buy a cultured pearl necklace and be none the wiser that it was cultivated.

‘’To replicate Ariana’s ring using cultured diamonds, you can expect to pay 30-40% less” advises Matthews. “The benefit would be that you could choose to use a different coloured stone, to personalise the ring and have it compliment your skin tone.”

The colours of cultured diamonds range from the traditional white to the more vivid colours of blue, pink, and green, with the most common being yellow.

Fancy Yellow and Fancy Blue cultured diamond engagement rings, both designed by Shiny Rock Polished. 

“Cultured diamonds are still regarded as an investment purchase, especially in the higher grades. So your celebrity-inspired cultured diamond ring will be equally as luxurious as Grande’s” Matthews concludes.

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