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4 Tips to beat the winter bulge

winterAh, winter! Cold outside but oh-so-snug and cosy inside. And what better way to keep warm than with steaming mugs of hot chocolate, hearty stews and casseroles. Add a pizza here, a glass of wine there… and before you know it, you’re buying a bigger pair of jeans come summer. 

Making healthy choices in winter might take a little more focus, but it is possible – and with these handy tips, you could find yourself a size down once the cold-weather layers come off.

Serve up salads 

Believe it or not, winter salads are a thing, and a hugely tasty one, too! While summer salads are packed with cool, crisp ingredients, winter salads are hearty and robust, full of flavour and deliciousness. Think roasted vegetables, chicken or beef strips, chickpeas, rocket and toasted nuts.

Stock up on soup 

A thick winter soup is a perfect way to ensure you get your vegetable servings in for the day – and if you make a big pot in advance, you can freeze the individual portions to save on cooking. Pack your soups full of winter veggies like pumpkin, butternut, carrots and more, add in some lentils or barley to bulk them up, and say bon appétit to good health. 

Do it yourself 

It’s so easy to reach for comforting takeaways like pizzas and burgers, but making your own can help cut down on kilojoules while giving you the yumminess you’re looking for. Make your own pizzas with wholewheat wraps as a base, or use fresh beef or ostrich mince for homemade burgers. All of the flavour, with hardly any of the fat! 

Watch your snacking 

Your main meals might be wonderfully healthy, but if you keep reaching for crisps and chocolates in between, you’re only sabotaging your best efforts. If you’re genuinely hungry between meals (and not bored or thirsty), a small assortment of nuts, a cup of air-popped popcorn or a handful of biltong can help satisfy your hunger pangs without packing on the kilos. 

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