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Jessica Nkosi reveals her baby daddy!

Jessica NkosiJessica Nkosi announced her pregnancy last month but has been very tight-lipped about who the baby daddy is. After countless tweets and comments from fans questioning her, she eventually gave in. But only for a minute.

It wasn’t only her fans that were curious, even Trending SA front-man Musa Mthombeni questioned it, asking: “Who are you? Show yourself!! We just want to talk.”

See the tweet here:

Jessica finally put the rumours to rest in an Instagram post. She revealed that the baby daddy is Ntokozo Dlamini. 

She captioned the photo: “Parents. And no one must ask me who the father of my child is again guys please… this is the first and last time you see him.”

But soon deleted the post. But with social media these days, nothing can ever be truly deleted. Fans who saw the post screenshotted it for receipts.

See some of the congratulatory posts here:

Congrats to the couple!

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