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Our favourite celeb glow-ups!

Let’s be honest, we’ve all dreamt of our glow-up moment.

Going from the tall, lanky and disproportioned girl in school to a graceful swan in your 20’s. If the movies and celebrities of the world have taught us anything, it’s that it is indeed possible. Think about it – Clueless, The Princess Diaries, Legally Blonde, Cinderella. The cinematic moment of our time are stories of glow-ups.

Celebrity glow-ups however take the cake. They’re “real” people who have proven to society that we don’t need a fairy godmother or a secret royal family — just A LOT of money. But fret not, celeb glow-ups are also a reminder that these “perfect” stars we look up to were also once equally attractive humans just like us. We all have to start somewhere right?

Here are some of our favorite celeb glow-ups of all time, enjoy!

Boity Thulo


Minnie Dlamini

Bella Hadid

Amanda Du-Pont

Kylie Jenner Bonang Matheba

Khloe KardashianZendaya
Kim Kardashian

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