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What do you love about being a woman in 2018?

Happy women’s day, and happy Women’s Month!  Yesterday, we asked YOU what you love about being a woman in 2018, and you responded with the following:

women day women day

Then we asked a few of our favourite women to share their responses as well. And here’s what they had to say: 

Zoë Brown

Expresso Show TV presenter, KFM radio presenter, MC

Being a woman in 2018 is pure awesomeness. There’s something in the air, and this year it feels like shifts are taking place and we’re actually seeing the fruits of change. We’re living in a time where there are so many prominent and influential women killing it in their various industries and leaving the ladder behind for other women to follow.

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Zola Nene

TV personality, chef, food stylist, cookbook author 

Women in 2018 are no longer just credited to being the pillars of strength for successful men; women in 2018 are taking their rightful place on the front line of their own success.

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Cato Louw

Rugby presenter for SuperSport, sports co-anchor on Cape Talk and KFM 

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That we as the “new” generation of woman can embrace what woman before us have fought for; or should I say stood for and take it further. We can use our platforms, like social media, to empower woman and listen to voices that have been hidden or ignored. This is a generation of woman that won’t be put into a box or forgotten, and we are proud of it because the future is female after all.

Josie Eveleigh

Survivor SA – Philippines contestant, travel blogger

I feel hugely privileged as a woman living in South Africa in 2018. More so due to the ability to live in a place where there are vast opportunities for growth and connecting with people on a daily basis. I have learned that there is much strength in embracing our femininity and using it to inspire. Our ability to read situations and connect with people emotionally, and through the use of our EQ, is something I am aware of and thankful for every day. I truly love being a woman and as such, I love being me.

Sechaba G

Motswako TV presenter, MC, voice-over artist 

What I love about being a woman in 2018 is that we as women are at the forefront of our own narratives. We’re owning what it is to be a woman and are certainly defining what it means to us as individuals. We are not afraid to tell our stories and share them, because in as much as the lessons enlighten us, we share them because we understand the power of shared wisdom and how it can be the guiding light in another’s dark moment.

Tarryn Kay “TK” Trussell

TV and radio presenter and MC 

There’s a massive revolution brewing for women, as we speak! Being alive and active during this time is both powerful and beautiful! Women of 2018 are changing history for the human race… and WE are all part of it!

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