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5 Tips to kickstart your fitness journey like a pro

Nescafe Tarryn Alberts fitness

You may have seen internationally acclaimed professional dancer-choreographer, Tarryn Alberts, ‘doing her thing’, as part of the Nescafé Kickstart Your Morning Rhythm campaign squad, where 3 choreographers are coming together to celebrate the launch of the Nescafé’s new recipe. Or you might have attended one of her dance fitness workshops in Jozi or Cape Town.

In an attempt to revamp our fitness routines, we tapped Tarryn to share 5 tips to kickstart your fitness journey.

  1. Motivation

You need to be motivated to start; a lot of us find it hard to begin. Find a friend, influence works.

  1. Know and Understand your body.

Each and every person has a certain body type, and we all have a different type of endurance. So when you’re starting out, find exercise and training techniques that suit you, and cater to what your body can do. Do Something you enjoy.

Tarryn Alberts Nescafe

  1. Go Hard or Go Home.

I always say in my Dance Fitness class: “If you’re not going to do the class all the way; go home, because you wasting your own time!” You have to be comfortable with sweat. YOU HAVE TO LOVE THE BURN!

  1. Do as much as you can.

When you have established what sort of training you like, to try to push for 2-4 days, start to train your brain and push yourself and find ways to recover from your sessions so you never have to quit.

  1. Maintain

Lastly, once you have set your training schedule, try to maintain that; nothing is worse than feeling amazing and body light one week, and then the following week you’re back to square one and you have start all over again. Keep it up! Remember what you used to be and what you want to be. It’s hard and I know this, but once you’ve gained the power in your mind you will reach your body goals.


Watch Tarryn and the rest of the Nescafe Kickstarters in action, below: 


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