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Exclusive: Jeremy Scott talks creative fatigue and staying in tune with the culture

“The people’s designer”, Creative Director of Moschino, Jeremy Scott has been breaking boundaries with boldness and exuberance since 1997 when he debuted his eponymous collection in Paris.

Known for iconic collaborations with brands like Adidas and McDonalds, Scott recently made yet another bold move by partnering with luxury vodka brand Ciroc, which features African celebrities Wizkid, Thando Thabethe, and Cassper Nyovest as part of the campaign.

Last week we were lucky enough to pick the iconic fashion designer’s brain on his biggest inspiration, pop culture, and what we can expect from the Ciroc x Moschino collection.

 Jeremy Scott Moschino Cassper Nyovest

Do you ever get creative fatigue? And, when you get stuck, how do you find your inspiration?

Honestly, I am always doing so many different projects that if for some reason something is not flowing for me for one, I just move to the next and switch back when the mood strikes me again. I never have a serious drought of ideas though I’m always kind of just designing and creating perpetually!

Your work is always relevant and in sync with pop culture. How do you stay in tune with the culture?

I love pop culture and I guess I’m in tune with it because of that. I love music, cinema, art, and entertainment and these are the worlds I circle around.

In a world where you are here today, and gone tomorrow; how do you keep your designs relevant?

I just do what I want to do and speak from my heart. I don’t think in any other terms than purely from that – I do what I love.

Who is your favourite celebrity to collaborate with?  

I love collaborating with Madonna as shes always pushing me further and helping bring things to a new level. She has such a drive and determination to do her best work with you; it’s always inspiring.

Jeremy Scott Moschino interview

Do you ever feel the pressure to always deliver show‐stopping work?  

In general, my work is very eye catching and traffic-stopping so I guess it just kinda happens naturally!

When did you fall in love with fashion design?  

Around the age of 14, I noticed that it was so natural for me to sketch outlooks and outfits I imagined for myself and my friends. After that is when I thought: ‘wow this is fun I could imagine doing as a job’. At first, I thought: ‘this is too easy, it’s so natural for me it can’t be considered work!’

What can we expect from the Ciroc x Moschino collab?  

It’s a fun collaboration and campaign! [You can expect to see] all the colour and fun of Moschino [combined] with the vibrancy and panache of Ciroc!

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What’s your biggest inspiration?  

To be the best version of me I can be – every single day.

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