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6 makeup mistakes everybody makes

Pic: Pexels
Pic: Pexels
Pic: Pexels
We all have a makeup routine and products that we feel we’re comfortable with. But, what if it’s riddled with makeup mishaps? 

Get your makeup regimen up to scratch by avoiding these common makeup mistakes everybody makes:

Not moisturising

Foundation needs an even base in order for it to apply evenly. Moisturiser not only works to keep skin hydrated under layers of makeup, preventing skin from looking dull, but also smooths out skin tone, creating the perfect base for foundation application. As a bonus, moisturizers with SPF help protect your skin from the sun, preventing premature ageing. 

Using the wrong foundation

Finding the right foundation extends far beyond matching it to your skin colour. With the help of an assistant and by doing makeup swatches, that part can be pretty easy. Where most people struggle, is using the right product for the right occasion. Not everyone needs heavy duty coverage that looks like stage makeup. 

A light, moisturising BB cream may be the perfect fit for everyday, especially for teens getting into makeup for the first time. Depending on your age and how oily or dry your skin is, everyone requires different things from their foundation. 

Doing makeup in the wrong lighting

Doing makeup in dim or harsh lighting can leave you with bronzer that’s too heavy, foundation that doesn’t match your neck and blush that’s clownish. 

For makeup to have that natural look it needs to be well blended and evenly applied in natural sunlight, which provides the most accurate reflection of your face. So, open those blinds and ensure your light source shines onto you and not from behind you.

Testing makeup in artificial lighting

When trying out new products in store, you may not be getting a true indicator of how flattering that makeup will look on you in natural lighting. Most makeup stores have mirrors with warm LED lights that mimic daylight - check swatches in the mirror to see what your makeup would look like before making an investment..

Application in the wrong places

From highlighter to blush, there are certain makeup products that are meant to enhance your natural features, but they’ll only do so when they’re placed correctly. 

For blush, gently sweep the powder over the apples of your cheeks and extend the color out to your temples. And for highlighter, apply to the parts of your face when the sun hits. Just remember, every face shape and texture is unique and different techniques will complement each person differently. 

Not washing your brushes

Buildup on makeup utensils is no joke. We all do it, put on our face for the day, powder, bronzer, blush, brows - pushing back the thought of: “When last did I wash this?”. 

When you don’t wash your brushes, they naturally accumulate bacteria and dirt. Dirty brushes can therefore irritate acne and other skin conditions and may very well be the reason for flare ups. 

If that isn’t motivation enough to start rinsing regularly, gunk-filled brushes can make it difficult to achieve your desired makeup look. So if getting your eyebrows on fleek is taking a  little longer than it normally would, it could be because your brush is too full of makeup debris to give you the perfect application you’re after. 

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