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Are your chakras aligned?

Dart photography supplied by Ellis Lehman Signs
Dart photography supplied by Ellis Lehman Signs
Dart photography supplied by Ellis Lehman Signs

If you’ve been feeling off balance, less enthusiastic about life or in conflict with others but you’re unsure what to pin it down to, it’s possible that one or more of your chakras could be out of alignment.

“Life is energy and the chakras manage this energy. The universal life force circulates through us, and the chakras are the storehouses and transmitters of this universal energy,” says qualified Usui, Karuna and Lightarian reiki master Helen Watson. You won’t know whether a chakra is out of balance, but if you seem to be attracting negative experiences, this could be an indication that one or more of your energy centres is out of alignment.

“Chakras perform their many duties in perfect synchronicity with our ductless endocrine glands and lymphatic systems by feeding in good bio-energies and disposing of unwanted bio-energies,” Helen adds. “When your chakras are balanced, you’ll feel inspired and energised.” 

Here, Helen breaks down the seven key chakras. Namaste!

Get to know your chakras

There are seven major chakras or energy centres within the subtle body (the various layers of vibrating energy that make up the human body). The lower three chakras are related to the physical part that connects you with the more mundane aspects of living here on earth: food, water, shelter. The upper three chakras are related to matters of spirit, helping you to remember your divine connection to your spiritual nature. The heart chakra is the bridge between the upper and lower chakras. Each of the seven major chakras has different associations, unique characteristics and colours.


  At the base of the spine – the right to be here.

The right to be here is your right  to exist. The right to have your  basic needs met is central to the development of the first chakra. If this right is infringed upon, you’re likely to question the right to have throughout your lifetime – money, possessions, love, time.

Colour Red

Affirmation It is safe for me to be here. The earth supports me and meets my needs. I love my body and trust its wisdom. I always have abundance; I’m here and I’m real.



In the lower abdomen – the right to feel.

Obstructed emotional expression infringes upon one’s basic right to feel. When you’re not allowed to feel, you become out of touch and disconnected from the emotions that provide information about your wellbeing. Healthy sexual expression is tied in with the right to feel.

Colour Orange

Affirmation I deserve pleasure in my life. I embrace and celebrate my sexuality. My sexuality is sacred. I absorb information about my feelings.



At the top of the ribcage – the right to act

The right to act is obstructed by the abuse of authority. Fear of punishment  – physical or emotional – impairs our personal power. Your intuitive wisdom is impaired when, through fear, you’re forced to follow the belief system of others.

Colour Yellow

Affirmation I honour the power within me. I accomplish tasks easily and effortlessly. I do whatever I set out to do.



In the centre of the chest – the right to love and be loved.

This right is damaged when parents or parent figures don’t love unconditionally or don’t show love to their child. Judgmental attitudes towards same-gender, cross-cultural, religious or racial relationships close the heart centre and obstruct the flow of love energy. Dominance or prejudice of one group over another also closes the heart and restricts love energy.

Colour Green

Affirmation I am worthy of love. I am loving to myself and others. There is an infinite supply of love. I live in harmony with others.



  At the hollow of the throat – the right to speak and hear the truth.

When you’re lied to and not allowed to speak or tell the truth, including keeping family secrets, this right is damaged. Or when continually being shut out or being shouted at by an authority figure, throat damage can result.

Colour Blue

Affirmation I hear and speak the truth. I express myself with clear intent. Creativity flows in and through me. My voice is necessary.



In the centre of the forehead – the right to see.

 When you’re told your perceptions are wrong or when things are deliberately hidden from you, this right is damaged. Or when you see something frightening and confusing, this chakra closes as a protective defence mechanism.

Colour Indigo

Affirmation I manifest my vision. I see all things in clarity. I am open to the wisdom within.



At the top of the head – the right to know

This includes the right to information, truth, education and knowledge. This also includes the right to find and practise a religion or form of spirituality that you resonate with. Forcing a particular religion or belief onto another infringes on one’s personal relationship with the Divine.

Colour Violet

Affirmation I am open to new ideas. I am guided by a higher power. I am guided by inner wisdom. Divinity lives within. The world is my teacher.



  Helen notes that it might be necessary to go for a chakra alignment and balancing, as this will clear negative energy that has collected around the energy centres and will bring the chakras to the right size – about the size of a CD. “However, you need to know that just as we have to maintain our vehicles, we must also maintain our emotional and physical balance,” she adds. You can achieve this balance by consuming food that has a positive effect on your chakras, by carrying out some daily exercises and by paying attention to your thought processes. “Exercise is important, not only for the physical body, but for the mind, too. Fifteen to 20 minutes a day of reasonably energetic exercise will keep you on track.”

Healthy eating plays a huge role in maintaining a balanced emotional  and physical body. Affirmations are powerful and can be an effective way to help maintain the chakras. Helen further notes that it’s vital to understand that the happiness of our life is determined by the quality of our thoughts. “Each thought carries a vibration, and our thoughts determine the level of energy we bring into our bodies,” she says. Focus on the positive, express gratitude and always see the glass as half full and never half empty.

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