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How to manifest to ensure you have the most positive and productive year ever

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Positive vibes only.

The new year is the perfect time to reset yourself, set some new goals and start manifesting what you hope to achieve. With a fresh January mindset, it's an amazing opportunity to clarify desires and focus on positive goals. One of the simplest and most effective ways to do that is through the art of manifestation. We've called on the founder of LLIO, a spiritually charged beauty brand, essential oils infused with gemstone crystals to create a Crystoil elixir, to share her ultimate guide to manifestation.

Here, she shares 5 simple ways to manifest for your best year in 2020…

Eliminate, release, cleanse and tidy

If you have negative emotions, bad feelings towards people or a cluttered home – you have too much baggage to let anything new in. When you are filled with self-doubt, hate and fear, you can’t focus on 2020 love and miracle wishes. To start any process of manifesting you need a huge clear out emotionally and this can be uncomfortable. Write down all your fears and anything that causes you anxiety on a piece of paper. A worry can be anything from “my business will fail,” “I will never get married,” or “I will never get my dream job.” Once all these fears are acknowledged, write next to each fear, “I acknowledge this fear but it does not serve me.” – then rip up the piece of paper and let all your fears go.

Instead of holding onto negative emotions that will only sabotage your hopes and dreams, it’s time to release and let them go. You can also write a list or people you hold any negatively towards, perhaps an ‘energy vampires’ in your life, anyone you have obsessive thoughts about, unresolved emotions or feel hurt by and write a blessing next to all their names.

Be ruthless and eliminate, it’s time to eliminate anything or anyone who is making you unhappy. Tell the friend you dread picking up the phone to that you no longer wish to hang out, declutter your space and unsubscribe from those marketing emails you no longer wish to receive.

Self-care and self-love are everything

Self-love is one of the most important and basic things you can do for yourself. When you cultivate self-love, it’s the foundation for your relationship with others and the starting point to being truly able to love others. We’re always so busy caring for others, it’s time to put yourself first and treat yourself like a Queen. Bathing is a simple ritual for radical self-love, it’s like giving yourself a big loving hug.

Light a candle and create some sacred time for just you in a delicious bath. Taking a bath with LLIO essential oil bath & body oils, is an act of luxury for yourself, you need to feel your best self and take care of yourself to make that shift to miracles and self-love. Focusing on yourself can be one of the hardest things to do, we’re so busy looking for validation and answers in the outside world. If you pull everything back to looking after yourself with the best baths, sleep, healthy eating and exercise, you will be amazed at how everything you wish for just appear for you instead of chasing for it. We highly recommend “Madly in Love with ME,” a book written by Christine Arylo to truly dedicate yourself to a journey of self-love and becoming your own best friend.

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Talk to yourself positively – time to stop trashing yourself!

The way you talk to yourself can make the biggest difference to manifesting your dreams. We all have an inner chimp who is constantly self-attacking ourselves. You might ruminate over not being good enough for an ex-boyfriend, or the wrong thing you said in a meeting. Start re-framing the way you talk to yourself and taking to yourself positively. Daily affirmations are a great way to constantly hear positive messages about yourself, make a commitment to write a positive affirmation to yourself when you wake up and go to bed. The words you use every day can change your life. There are so many apps such as Spirit Junkie, Miracles Now by Gabrielle Bernstein and Motivation for affirmations to spring up on your phone daily and easily. Here is one affirmation from LLIO to get you started: “I am committed to creating the best 2020 possible, I open my heart and mind to 2020 love and miracles. I am committed to making all my hopes, dreams and wishes come true and smother all my fears with the light of love.”

Be grateful

Gratitude and being grateful for everything you experience brings an enormous shift in energy. When you start being grateful you will receive more of the same.

If you want to truly commit to manifesting for 2020, then keep a gratitude journal and write in it every day. Make lists of everything you are grateful for in your life and why. Recognise all the good and positive you have in life, all the beauty that surrounds you. During your day, find as many things to be grateful for, make an endless list of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual things you are grateful for. If you are grateful for the love you receive from friends or freelance work you receive, just watch; being grateful for it will help you receive more. Being grateful increases emotional wellbeing, makes you more resilient to trauma, helps you sleep better and its been scientifically proven that gratitude can lead to increased determination, energy and enthusiasm.

Believe you can achieve anything and dream big!

Once you’ve cleared, eliminated, loved yourself, talked to yourself lovably and shown gratitude, you are in the perfect place to manifest. Go big and write down all your hopes and dreams or create a 2020 vision board to manifest. Having a vision of your life relates to The Law of Attraction, the opportunity to shape our lives and attract our deepest wants.

If you create a sacred space with a vision board of what you’d like to achieve then you will bring it to life. What you focus on expands. Your vision board can contain your values, career goals, family life, love life, health and wellness. Find some uninterrupted quiet time to create your board, light some candles, turn on some music and stick on images from magazine, photos and motivational quotes to your board. As well as all the materialistic goals, career and boyfriend goals you’d like to achieve, focus on how you will feel when you get everything. A vision board is a focus for what really matters to you and what you’d like to achieve over 2020, a personal vision of your health, finances, relationship, career or any other are that is important to you. Once your vision board is done you can say a little prayer, meditation or positive affirmation to hope it all comes true.

Here's to a happy and healthy 2020.

This article was originally published here; GLAMOUR

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