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Her Madgesty against the critics

With a couple of Razzies and a ‘worst actress’ nomination under her othwerwise highly-accomplished belt, Madonna hasn’t had a much luck in the movie industry. Critics slammed her self-made movies Swept Away and Shanghai Surprise as dismal failures, and it comes as no surprise that the terrible reviews of her most recent film and directorial debut, W.E, are out in droves. 

Due for release at the end of the year, the film splits between the dramatic love affair of King Edward VIII and American divorcee Mrs Simpson, and the modern-day Wally Winthrope. Wally is an unhappily married Manhattan woman, obsessed with the Windsor love-affair, which she views as the most romantic tale ever (naturally), and follows in the scandalous royal couple’s footsteps: starting her own affair with a Russian intellectual security guard, Evgeni.

Our verdict? Give it a chance. Madonna’s big -udget take on the love story features haute couture versions of Simpson’s dresses, and recreations of her jewels by Cartier. Despite its criticisms, the film will undoubtably be a feast of fashionable eye candy. And, hey, who can turn down a super-stylish tale of controversial love?

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