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The golden girl

Kate Moss brings a new meaning to the saying ‘worth your weight in gold’, except she’s worth much more. A gold statuette of the supermodel was recently sold at Sotheby’s for a whopping $908 235 (R7 265 880) to an anonymous Asian bidder.

The golden homage is a 10kg of the original 50kg of 18-carat gold, both done by controversial artist, Marc Quinn. Dubbed ‘Mircrosmos’ (Siren), it depicts Moss in a contorted yoga pose. Though the supermodel did pose for Marc, he admits that ‘she didn’t pose for me like that.’ The original is on display at the British Musuem and weighs as much as the petite newlywed. It cost £1.5 million (R18 885 000) to make and is the largest gold statue since Ancient Egypt.

We know Ms Moss is a style force to be reckoned with, but just how much would you pay to have her golden touch?

Glamour International