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Even Eva Longoria is feeling the pinch!

Thought the recession was only hitting us normal girls? Think again! Turns out even one of Hollywood’s most GLAMOURous stars is fighting the money slump – and a nasty lawsuit!


Eva Longoria – who owns a stake of Los Angeles eatery Beso – is to be inflicted by legal troubles after a diner allegedly slipped on the floor and injured herself while celebrating her birthday. According to legal documents filed in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Luiza Boyadjian claims that when she got up from her chair she “suddenly slipped and fell due to the floor being extremely slippery”.


Suing the restaurant for unspecified damages greater than R211 560, the claimant maintains it was the owner’s duty to ensure the floors are safe and as a result, she has suffered “major physical injuries” including “damage” to her nervous system.


But Eva’s run of bad luck doesn’t stop there – the recession hit the star hard as the Las Vegas branch of Beso – of which the star owned a 32% stake – filed for bankruptcy earlier this year after losing up to R650 000 month and owing just over R15 million to landlords. Ouch! We hope the Latino beauty’s business books start to balance, but there is some small consolation for all of us GLAM girls – even celebs have their troubles!

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