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Johnny Depp plans a wacky, whisky-fuelled funeral

It seems that following the death of his late friend Hunter S Thompson, Johnny Depp has been inspired to plan his own unusual funeral. The actor explained that “Hunter always dreamed of a special way to go. He wanted to be fired from a self-made cannon. Brilliant! So I built a huge cannon after his death in 2005 and fired his ashes into the sky.”


The eccentric A-lister is now coming up with ideas to make his own final goodbye memorable, announcing, “Maybe I could go in a whisky cask and everyone can take a sip” – ah Johnny, we’d do almost anything for you… except, maybe, drink from your corpse!


But the star does have his own unique setting for final goodbyes – his personal, private island in the Bahamas, named after people who are close to his heart – including Heath-Ledger-Square, where Johnny invited Heath’s family to escape to in the wake of his tragic death. The Pirates of the Caribbean hearththrob described his plot of paradise as “a taintless piece of nature that I want to preserve”, where he can feel “normal”, away from the bright lights of Hollywood.


Your own exclusive tropical terrain? Some people really do have it all!

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