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Justin and Selena unbattered by baby talk

Justin Bieber insists his relationship with Selena Gomez has not been affected by the allegations he fathered a child with a fan – and the well-charted romance of the young stars seems to still be flourishing.


The ‘Mistletoe’ singer has been rocked in recent weeks after Mariah Yeater filed a lawsuit claiming he is the father of her four-month-old son – but he insists his girlfriend has offered him unwavering support since the claims surfaced.


The Biebs said, “She [Selena] is doing great – like me she just ignores things. She had to get used to some pretty horrible stuff being said about her on Twitter when we first got together, and since then she has just learned to ignore all the rubbish that is written about us.”


The baby-faced singer also claims that he and Selena have had to get used to the harsh side of fame quickly, “Both Selena and myself have had to get used to this stuff; it’s part of being in the industry. It’s not right that we have to get used to it, but it’s one of those things you need to accept. We’ve both learned to ignore the rubbish that comes out. I don’t want to give these people any attention.”


Meanwhile, adding clout to the pop star’s claims, his girlfriend Selena has been gushing to the British press about how understanding and supporting her crooning boyfriend is, explaining that one of the great things about dating Justin is that he can empathise with her career issues. The two have been dating since March and she admits that it’s great to be able to share her problems with someone who knows what she is going through.


The 19-year-old beauty insists that one of the best things about her relationship with Justin is that they spend so much of their time together laughing. She told Britain’s OK! magazine, “We laugh so hard. It’s like when you laugh so hard your stomach hurts.” Aw, young love… we just hope it really does weather this media storm.

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