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Kim and Kris reunited… but only for a weekend

Kim K has uncharacteristically put business on hold so she can deal with her marriage breakdown face-to-face with short-lived hubby Kris. While the rest of the Kardashian clan were spotted filming for the seventh series of their reality show in a Cuban restaurant in LA, the unhappy couple were in Kris’ hometown Minnesota, meeting with the pastor who married them.

Sources say the meeting is by no means an attempt at a reconciliation, with momager Kris Jenner saying that Kim just needs to “cry it out”, promising that her famous family are fully behind the reality star – “This is an incredibly difficult time for her. She has always tended to bury herself in work in times like this, but we’re all here for her and she has a big support system in all of us”.

In a twist of events that could only happen in Hollywood, Kim’s next work engagement is an appearance in a new film called The Marriage Counsellor – you couldn’t plan that kind of irony, now could you?

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