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Rihanna talks that talk – and walks the walk

Rihanna may be bad but she’s perfectly good at it – and looks set to prove so with the upcoming release of her apparent naughtiest and raunchiest album of the lot.

Having already climbed its way up to number nine on iTunes even before its 21 November release, Talk That Talk looks set to be this summer’s hotlist of songs. The Barbadian singer has worked with the industry’s blue bloods, including the likes of Calvin Harris, Bangladesh and Jay-Z, to create the follow-up to her top-of-the-charts Loud. The father-to-be collaborated with her on the album’s title track.

‘We Found Love’ has already claimed  the number one spot on the Billboard chart, while the song’s artistic and trippy video has taken the world by storm. With a track on Coldplay’s CD and a worldwide tour, Rihanna is one busy lady. We can’t wait for the release of her latest work, but for now we leave you with the teasers. Let us know what you think!

   Talk That Talk snippets by Strawberry8

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