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Want Christina Hendrick’s body?

 Mad Men actresses such as Christina Hendricks and Elizabeth Moss rely on structured underwear for their GLAMOURous look.

The stars of the TV drama, set in the 1950s, are admired for their on screen elegance but costume designer Janie Bryant has revealed the secret to looking good lies with their undergarments.

She explained to, “It starts with wearing the right foundations that accentuate your curves. In those days, it was all about longline bras, girdles or garter belts, stockings, and slips. For modern women we do not wear the same foundations, but we can find modern shapewear that defines the body in the same way more comfortably. I’ve always had a passion for lingerie and shapewear. Whether you call it underpinnings, foundations, intimate apparel or lingerie, undergarments influence so much in fashion. They determine how you walk, stand, and the way your clothing looks.”

Jane has recently been appointed wardrobe advisor at shapewear brand Maidenform and says she was inspired to learn more about the company after they featured on Mad Men.

She said, “During the second season of Mad Men, there was an episode that included a Maidenform advertising campaign. I was inspired to look at some of Maidenform’s iconic ads for my book, The Fashion File. Upon our initial meeting, we had shared passions in everything intimate apparel and the rest is history.”


Who knew that the body that sends men wild came down to girdles and corsets? What we want to know is, could we look that sexy if we had all that help? And if so, where’s the closest vintage shop!

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