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Cheryl’s party trick

Cheryl Cole carries a “Mary Poppins bag” with flat shoes in.


The 28-year-old beauty has recently created her first range of footwear, and although she claims to be comfortable in heels she always has a bag with some flat shoes in just in case she needs them.


She said: “I go out in huge heels but I always have to carry a bag with me, a big old Mary Poppins handbag with flatties in them. In my car I have a pair of slippers that I put on for driving, they are exactly like the Cosie Tosies I designed for the collection, because when you put them on after wearing heels for hours it’s the most blissful feeling.”

She said: “I think you can make a real statement with shoes. The perfect party look for me this year is a black catsuit and really high, stacked, glittery shoes – put some glitter on the eyes and you’re ready to go.”


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