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Dallas is back! Just without the shoulder pads and big hair…

If, like us, you were a fan of the highly addictive reality series Dallas Divas and Daughters, you (but probably your mom, more), will be thrilled to hear that Dallas – the ’70s s soap opera that inspired it all – is back.


Yes, the salacious series known for its cliffhangers, catfights and creation of the ‘who shot JR'” meme (JR Ewing, not JR ‘Make The Circle Bigger’), has been revamped and re-scripted for the Gossip Girl generation.


Like 90210 and the new Melrose Place, the show is not a reboot, but rather a continuation of the of the original series that ran from 1978-1991. In this continuation the heirs of the Ewing oil fortune, Christopher and John Ross, are family members at odds with each other, just like their fathers Bobby and JR were back in the day.


Various Dallas alumni like Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Dallas darling Linda Gray will reprise their roles in this new series. Viewers who may be too young to remember who they are can look forward to a few fresher faces like Desperate Housewives Jesse Metcalfe and Josh Henderson as well as Veronica Mars’ Julie Gonzalo.

We hope they remember and incorporate the glitz, GLAMOUR and ’80s excess that made the original series such a hit.

Glamour International