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Kate tops Madonna’s best dressed list

The Material Girl singer praised Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge for the way she manages to always look elegant, but never stiff or overly formal, in her fashion choices. She told, “She is a lovely girl with great sense of style. Her wedding dress by Alexander McQueen was very beautiful. I’m a fan of her style! She’s elegant and still knows how to have some fun.”  

Catherine and Madonna’s fashion sense is so close, they’ve even been spotted in the same dress – with the former wearing a salmon-pink satin dress by Stella McCartney to a Sunday dinner in Berkshire, Southern England, (which Madonna had donned three years before at the Cannes film festival). Speaking this weekend at the premiere of her new film W.E, the True Blue singer also said she appreciates how the English royal family have become more relaxed in their attitude since earlier years. She reportedly added, “The freedom that Catherine and the royal family have now is nice and refreshing. I like how modern they are now.”

Who would have thought it – the most controversial woman in pop loving the rather more traditional Royals? But with Kate’s effortless GLAM, who couldn’t be won over!

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