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Is Oprah Blue Ivy’s godmother?

The tiny tot’s parents, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, have reportedly been carefully considering who to entrust with taking charge of the spiritual guidance of their 19-day-old girl – and sources are saying that the couple have chosen Oprah and Jay Z’s best friend and road manager, Tyran ‘Ty Ty’ Smith.

Sources close to the couple say they wanted to make sure Blue Ivy’s godparents were not blood related.

Even though Beyoncé’s little sister, Solange, didn’t make the cut, she says she’s ready to spoil Blue Ivy just to get back at Beyoncé for letting her seven-year-old son Julez do whatever he wants. She joked, “This may sound awful, but I’m excited to let the baby do whatever she wants in the same way my sister’s done with my son. I’m going to get her back for all those late-night popcorn sessions and just spoiling my child to no end! My sister is a phenomenal aunt, so I’m ready to be the same in her life. I don’t need any advice on how to be a great aunt. Because she has been a phenomenal aunt to my son, so she’s set the tone as an aunt. I’ve set the tone as a mom, so we’re learning from each other.”

With music royalty for parents and one of the world’s most powerful woman as her godmother, what more could a kid ask for? We can’t wait to start tracking the fashion of this starry baby!

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