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50 people, one question

Do you remember your first kiss? It seems many South African’s do! We chatted to Jade Adami and Mat Gardner, about their latest film where they ask fifty people, one question (see the film below).


GLAMOUR: Tell us more about the film!

Mat: The film revolves around asking fifty people one question, do you remember your first kiss? We simply edited the different answers together to create the film.


What was your involvement in the film?


Jade: This film was a collaboration between Mat Gardner and myself. Mat filmed and edited the video, and I produced and directed it.


Was it difficult to get people to open up?

Jade: People are all very different – while some were confident and wanted to tell all, others shyed away from the camera. Some people felt awkward or nervous but we wanted to capture this variety of emotion in the final edit, so we hope that shows.


Mat: Yes and No, it depended on their character. Jade was really good at picking the colourful ones!


Do you remember your first kiss?


Jade: My first kiss was terrible! It involved one guy and three girls. Basically he kissed my two friends first and then they insisted he kiss me too. I’ve never been so nervous in my life. I think he was really chuffed!


Mat: My friend’s older sister’s birthday party. We took a walk outside on the road with one of her friends and kissed.


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