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From Potter to provocative!

The 22-year-old Harry Potter actor – who is currently dating Rosie Coker – is always surprised to be told by fans that he is the object of their lust, but doesn’t mind that they are attracted to him (no surprises there, then!).

Daniel Radcliffe revealed, “I got told the other day that I had a really nice ass. I didn’t know that. I don’t mind it. It’s fine if people want to make me the subject of their sexual fantasies – good luck to them, fantastic, I’m honoured to be in their dreams.” And we’re sure they love having you in their dreams, Daniel!

Meanwhile, the star’s current squeaze, Rosie, has previously questioned the star about having gay friends that are attracted to him, but he admits he rarely thinks about it. In an interview with Attitude magazine, he said, “The other day my girlfriend Rosie asked me, ‘Do you find it weird that some of your gay mates think about you sexually?’ I’ve never really thought about it, but I don’t care – if they want to, it’s fine. I don’t care who fancies me, I care who I fancy.”


So the big question is, do you have Daniel on your hot list?

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