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Lewis and Nicole keep us guessing!

Are they off, or are they on? The rumour mill has been buzzing with reports that Lewis Hamilton has rekindled his romance with former Pussycat Doll singer Nicole Scherzinger, simply because his dad told him to!

The Formula One ace, who split from the ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ singer in October last year after three years of dating, has reportedly decided to give the relationship another try after his father Anthony advised him a “settled personal life” could help his motor racing career.

An insider explained by saying that, “Lewis’s dad told him if he wants to win the championship again he needs a settled personal life. Lewis has been living it up since he split with Nicole last year. His family stayed close to Nicole during the split and his dad said all the partying could jeopardise his career.”

The couple reportedly parted ways due to the 33-year-old singer’s desire to settle down and start a family, but it is thought the 27-year-old sportsman’s newfound commitment to the relationship could mean a wedding is on the cards ‘by the end of next year’.

They say that a leopard never changes it’s spots, so we wonder if Lewis has really shed his bachelor tendencies for good this time. He better be careful, we know many men who would die for a date with this sultry feline!

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