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Courteney: I will always love David

Courteney Cox has admitted that she has not yet ruled out getting back together with ex David Arquette whom she loves “more than anything in the world.”


She said, “Who knows what will happen; all I know is we’re always going to love each other and whoever else comes into our lives will know that our relationship is extremely close, and that has to be accepted. We’re not your typical broken-up couple. I love David more than anything in the world.” Courteney also admits that her and David – who recently broke up with girlfriend Christina McLarty – have a “really great, open relationship.”


She added, “We always had a huge fondness for each other, but sometimes if you don’t catch things you can end up leading separate lives. The thing is we were working together so we thought we were seeing each other all the time. But we weren’t really dealing with what needed to be dealt with, which was how to stay married and be true intimate partners. We kind of know where it went wrong, and how we felt ourselves drifting apart. So now we have this really great, open relationship. We speak to each other all the time; if we don’t see each other in a week it’s a big deal.”


Loyal fans of the Friends star may despair at what sounds like hints at a reconcilliation between the two, considering Courteney’s obvious heartbreak over the initial split and rumours of David’s infidelity during their time together. But an amicable separation is always welcome in the messy world of Hollywood love!

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