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The secret to Elle’s physique

Women everywhere will rejoice (or groan) at the news that Elle Macpherson, who has been dubbed in the industry as ‘The Body’ due to her every-toned figure has recently attributed her famous physique to simply ‘not going under the knife’.


The supermodel, who is due to turn 48 this month insists she has not turned to plastic surgery and that she looks better for it. She said, “I’m a 34C, absolutely natural. The face looks like the face I have, very natural. Not falling into the plastic surgery thing is my trick.”


However, the mother-of-two admits to trying Botox in the past, along with other anti-ageing treatments. She said, “It didn’t really work for me, I enjoy eating too much to give up on my favourite foods. My worst habit is eating too much: I eat like it’s going out of fashion, really. I stay active with things like water skiing and horse riding and I guess that keeps the weight off. I’m naturally the curvy type and I’m more concerned with feeling fit and healthy than looking super slim.”


This truly comes as music to our ears – it’s comforting to know that the most famous supermodel of all still retains a healthy attitude to food (though we’re still allowed to feel just a teensy bit jealous…!)

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