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Nicki steps up her theatrics

Standing out in showbiz is no easy feat these days, which is probably why singer Nicki Minaj is worried that she always has to be outlandish. The ‘Starships’ singer – who is known for her eccentric outfits and outspoken attitude – thinks that she has to live up to her image, because it will disappoint people if she relaxes.

She said: ”So much is taken out of you that you lose yourself. I feel like I’ve set the bar too high, so I always have to be ‘on’. I can identify with Marilyn Monroe in that people saw a beautiful woman, but inside was a fragile little girl.”

Nicki also admitted she hopes to replicate the success of hip hop mogul Jay-Z, who is involved in a variety of business ventures, including music, sport, and clubs.  The singer further said: ”I don’t know if the industry is sexist or if it’s just that women haven’t tried to pursue the goals of being a mogul before. I can only say I’m attempting to become a mogul and doing things I’ve seen guys in this business do.”


We love a good dose of girl power, especially if it comes from a colourful star like Ms Minaj!


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