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Adam Levine thinks he’s ‘dork’?

Despite having sold millions of records and dating a string of supermodels (his current girlfriend is rumoured to be Namibian model, Behati Prinsloo), Adam Levine sees himself as a ”dork.”


He claims to still be awkward and geeky deep down inside, and told The Sun newspaper: ”It’s funny because all of that [being branded a sex symbol] is hard for me to understand. In my mind, I’m a dork. I’m a nerdy guy and I love music. I don’t consider myself to be cool. I have days of having low self-esteem like the average person. So it’s funny that people have that perception because it’s just so far from the truth.”


Adam, 33, is also a coach on the US version of talent search show ‘The Voice’ and is glad that he’s been able to ”give a little” back to young talents, even though he admits he never expected to be a good mentor.


He added: ”The Voice was a huge risk. It could have winded up being a huge train wreck but it wasn’t. It was an inspiring, amazing and wildly successful show. Being on the show was a dream, like it was for the contestants. It was exciting to give back a little piece of myself. Sharing the knowledge and the things that I’ve gone through with these kids was right with the world. We gave them a chance to succeed. I never thought I’d be much of a coach, but it turns out that I really enjoy helping guide these guys to where they need to go.”


Adam, you might think you’re a dork, but we’re still convinced you’re an absolute heartthrob – Besides, dorky is kinda cute!


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