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Alessandra’s pink and purple pooch!

So we know it’s a trend when it comes to human hair…but it seems celeb’s dogs are catching onto the colourful hair trend too!


On her way to lunch in Malibu with her husband, Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted with her pink and purple pup in hand. And this is not the first time a celeb has been spotted with a rainbow coloured pooch. Just last week Emma Watson was seen taking her friend’s pink pup for a walk. After critics began making comments about animal cruelty, Miss Watson hit back on Twitter saying:  “Ayeye. Just to clarify one more time that I don’t have a dog. @PinkDarcyDog is pink because her owner is raising money for breast cancer.” Before adding: “#factcheckingtakesfiveminutes”.


For a good cause? We salute you Emma, let’s paint our pups away!


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