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Joss Stone gets friendly with the royals!

London’s royals have a new friend! The 25-year-old singer was “honoured” to be invited to the wedding of William and Duchess Catherine – formerly known as Kate Middleton – in April 2011 but she wasn’t surprised to be asked to attend because she has been friends with the princes for a long time.


She said: “I was very honoured to be invited to the wedding. I mean, it’s not like I’m down at the pub with Will every Friday. When we do see each other, we just get along really well. All of them are lovely – Harry is very lovely, very cheeky and very polite and very nice.


“They’re just really nice, normal people and I guess they just wanted to invite me. So I went!”


The Super Duper Love hitmaker was the subject of a kidnap plot in June 2011 but she insists she feels “safe” at the moment because she has bought her old family home.


Joss – who grew up in Cullompton, Devon – told E! News: “I have a house, it’s nice. I actually bought my family home … I feel safe in the fact that I will always have that home – and, really, what else do I need?”


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